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We love what we do!  Our ongoing focus is film and television, and we’re always ready to collaborate with passionate players, so please feel free to contact us.

Hermit the Crab

Hermit wants to be the world’s greatest vegetarian chef. This cute crustacean has the ability to pull extraordinary objects from his crab shell. Cool, right? He’s a courageous and caring crustacean who really looks up Mr. Moose.

Jimmy the Monkey

Jimmy is essentially a five-year-old kid. Like most of them, he thinks in the “right here, right now!” And “right here, right now!” his goal is to have as much fun as he can. He’s also a natural leader and a great friend to everyone on the island. He’s confident. He’s impulsive. He’s acrobatic. He’s a monkey.

Mr. Moose

As the only adult on the island, Mr. Moose is always looking out for the kids. He’s just not always so good at it. He’s an ex-ranger and explorer with a knowledge of nature, such as navigating by stars, building makeshift shelters, and other amazing abilities. 

Welcome to Hullaballoo Island. Here comes your nature savvy and adorably clumsy teacher, MR. LOOKMAN MOOSE.  He’s excited. Why? Because he always is! And because today, he’s planned an awesome treasure hunt at Artsy Craftsy Valley with the kids. But to get there, they’ll have to pogo stick their way through Cotton Candy Forest and paddle their way across Soap Bubble Stream – while keeping an eye out for Soap Bubble Stream Serpents!  


And guess what? These kinds of thrilling and kid-friendly stories happen every day on Hullaballoo Island! It’s an enchanting place that is uniquely designed around the “world” of daycare. So let’s find adventure on Dandelion Road, kick up our heels in Dancing Desert and discover marvelous treasures at Sand Castle Marbleworks.


Wuzzy wants to be the strongest dog in the world; and to outdo her brother. In a friendly sibling rivalry way. Wuzzy is super strong and can use her strength to lift huge boulders, climb mountains, shake the fruit out of trees, heck, she can probably even pull a tree right out of the ground!


Fuzzy wants to discover a new smell no one has ever smelled before. And to outdo his sister (in a friendly sibling rivalry sort of way). He has a nose like no other. He can smell things from the other side of the island. He’s also an incredible painter. And fun! This dog is all dog when it comes to playing. 


Hullaballoo Island

Hullaballoo Island is a 3D animated 52 x 11 preschool comedy that follows the amazing adventures of super-cute critters as they spend their playcare days on a fantastical island exploring its melodious mountains, jelly swamps, and fabulous forests.

With the help of their musically-challenged moose teacher, this special band of buddies is ready to embark on exciting and action-filled quests while learning all kinds of real and magical information about nature – and themselves.


Feature Film


“Samson” is a loose adaptation of the biblical story of Samson and Delilah. It will not, however, be a didactic telling of the story, but rather a high-paced, fresh, fun fairy-tale take on the story, with comic overtones and wisecracks, inspired by the Disney/Pixar films from the last decade. The main theme of the film deals with responsibilities vs. selfishness- what do you do when everyone tells you to be one thing, and you want to be something else? How can you take into consideration others while still fulfilling yourself?


We’re a content driven animation studio specializing in development and production of original, top-quality CG animation for kids. Our mission is to bring amazing stories to life by combining state-of-the-art technology with the power of people’s creativity and imagination.

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